Rev Mex Music

design: Rev Mex Music

This site is my own personal music publishing site. I thought the template was awesome. This is site is using WordPress as the content manager. It is under contruction for…

282 total views, no views today Gorgar pinball restoration project

My Gorgar pinball restoration project

I purchased a pinball from Craigslist so I can restore it. In the process it would do┬áme good because I can learn from it. Did I mention I have an…

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reGeneration Radio 01-07-09 on

1. White Wedding – Billy Idol 2. Rosetta Stone 3. Electric Youth – Debbie Gibson 5. Girls On Film – Duran Duran 6. I Fear The Night 7. Front 242…

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myLife: Williams Sys 6 Gorgar Pinball repair notes

Here are a few things I’m making note of as I’m learning about pinball maintenance and repair. Items may be meant for Williams System 6. 1. Consider using #47 bulbs…

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myReview: Breville BOV800XL

Breville BOV800XL. 279 total views, no views today

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How to upgrade to a SSD on a laptop – EASY!

How to upgrade to a SSD on a laptop – EASY!

Upgrading SATA I drive to a SSD on Sony Vaio laptop (VPC-F11NFX). Hope this easy experience eases your fear. 421 total views, 2 views today

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design: CDA Consulting

design: CDA Consulting

This is a web site I finished on 4-12-2013. This is majority FLASH. It is placed inside a HTML table. Each buttons calls other .swf’s which are layered on top….

263 total views, no views today a custom web page update program

creating a custom web page update program

Imagine if you designed a custom website and as developer you want to pass some of the simple tasks back to the client. Some of us are not in the…

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