Rev Mex Music

design: Rev Mex Music

This site is my own personal music publishing site. I thought the template was awesome. This is site is using WordPress as the content manager. It is under contruction for…

480 total views, 1 views today Gorgar pinball restoration project

My Gorgar pinball restoration project

I purchased a pinball from Craigslist so I can restore it. In the process it would do┬áme good because I can learn from it. Did I mention I have an…

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reGeneration Radio 01-07-09 on

1. White Wedding – Billy Idol 2. Rosetta Stone 3. Electric Youth – Debbie Gibson 5. Girls On Film – Duran Duran 6. I Fear The Night 7. Front 242…

1,172 total views, 1 views today HTPC build to run XBMCbuntu

My HTPC build to run XBMCbuntu

I wanted to build an HTPC (Home Theater PC) for my home. I was doing this to learn about LINUX OS systems and benefit from it. I initially wipped clean…

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DJ Pride Parade float in 2008

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design: CDA Consulting

design: CDA Consulting

This is a web site I finished on 4-12-2013. This is majority FLASH. It is placed inside a HTML table. Each buttons calls other .swf’s which are layered on top….

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Blog: chair upholstery project

I stopped at a super-mini flea market on the SW side of Houston. I saw this old chair in the back of a vendors area tucked away. The thing looked…

336 total views, no views today Sale: 1986 Shogun / Samurai Swords Game Pieces

For Sale: 1986 Shogun / Samurai Swords Game Pieces

If you are missing game pieces from the Shogun board game then look no further. I have pieces for sale from 2 extra games I picked up.

2,216 total views, 2 views today a custom web page update program

creating a custom web page update program

Imagine if you designed a custom website and as developer you want to pass some of the simple tasks back to the client. Some of us are not in the…

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