My Gorgar pinball restoration project Gorgar pinball restoration project

Bringing Gorgar home
I purchased a pinball from Craigslist so I can restore it. In the process it would do me good because I can learn from it.
Did I mention I have an Addams Family Pinball? Well, I want to know how to fix a pin because it will eventually need servicing.
In short, a pinball machine consists of a ton of wires, solenoids, coils, boards and great art.
This restoration will take time and patience. Keep in mind that I’ve never done anything like this so it will be a great experience and hopefully not fry anything in the process.


These are some problems that I can tell need addressing. This is a visual inspection:

Restoration log:
3/8 Purchased
3/11 Spray painted legs to black. Added primer. 1.5 hours
3/13 Spray painted inside cabinet. Remove all wiring. Paint. Wipe down wiring then reassemble. approx. 5 hours
3/30 cleaned playfield, bumpers, installed missing screws and measured ohm readings on all coils. 3 need replacing.
4/3 Installed missing switch, missing interlock switch, soldered coin push button and assembled the two fuse modification to the power supply.
4/6 Installed two fuse modification. Purchased 3/8″ screws to mount the backbox and turned it on for the first time. It lights up!
But no sound, no display and playfield lights not working.
10/12 Cut top blackbox backglass border.
10/16 Replaced 3 socket bulbs in coin slot and added new yellow wire.
10/17 Replaced bottom left coil sling and spring.
11/8 Took the Gorgar to Houston Arcade Expo to have flippers installed and new driver/MPU board.
11/22 Sent Gorgar soundboard for repair
12/17 Received soundboard, installed.
12/17 Game is working beautifully

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