myLife: Williams Sys 6 Gorgar Pinball repair notes

Here are a few things I’m making note of as I’m learning about pinball maintenance and repair.
Items may be meant for Williams System 6.

1. Consider using #47 bulbs to replace #44’s in the backbox. #47’s produce about 40% less heat. It’ll ease the heat applied to your backglass.
Pyramid WH68 6-Inch 200 Watt High Power Paper Cone 8 Ohm Subwoofer


Williams 1980 Parts Catalog

Need to repin master display:
Replacements would be AMP (Tyco) “Bifurcated Leaf Connector” series —
6 pin edge connectors — AMP 640136-6 (similar to Molex 09-01-6061)
9 pin edge connectors — AMP 640136-9
15 pin edge connector — AMP 1-640136-5
18 pin edge connector — AMP 1-640136-8

Uses AMP’s long Bifurcated (split) contacts which are quite similar to Molex
08-03-0304 (as used in Gottlieb). I’ve got a bunch of plugs on order but
still haven’t found the right contact or keying plug’s yet.

Keying plugs are AMP 640180-1
Contacts are AMP 350011-1 (Brass) or 350011-3 (Phosphor Bonze). (-2’s are
gold plated – avoid).

— Ed”

Crimp is: Product ID: 350011-1
Crimp Contact, 0.156″
Need 6, 9, and 18 pin molex connector

Parts needed:
CAM – LOCK 01-3574
Williams Coin Door Lock Bracket #WLL-01-6249
Bulbs #89 (pit light)

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