Blog: chair upholstery project

I stopped at a super-mini flea market on the SW side of Houston. I saw this old chair in the back of a vendors area tucked away. The thing looked…

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Chicago Classics House Mix 1

If you’re from Chicago or an old school House head…what do you think? Fantasy Girl – Pierreā€™s Mystery Girl – Fantasy Club Baila – Raz I Fear the Night –…

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A sucker for modern yet mid-century

I can easily fill this up with my theological books. Me like. One day…one day… 118 total views, no views today

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Oct 25th Halloween Party

wow that was fun! Great crowd. that friggin song is in my head….”I kissed a girl and I liked it….” 132 total views, no views today

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Michael Weiss couch

I found this couch on craiglist and purchased it. it was less 50% of the list price and is in excellent condition. This is from the modernism collection. If Zee…

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DJ Pride Parade float in 2008

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