For Sale: 1986 Shogun / Samurai Swords Game Pieces

Note: I am the same owner of and I am migrating this post in 2013.

If you are missing game pieces from the Shogun board game then look no further. I have pieces for sale from 2 extra games I picked up.
I would put these on eBay but then I’d have to open a store and pay fees for things that aren’t worth much in the first place.
Prices are as follows:
1 Game Board – 8.00
4 Reference Screens (orange card sold) – 3.00 each
5 Army Cards – 3.00 each
5 Foam Planning Trays – SOLD OUT 2.00 each
1 Foam Master Tray – 3.50

Pieces of Armies
Daimyo – $1.50 each (name your color)
. 1 Round Base Daimyos
. 1 Hexagon Base Daimyos
. 1 Square Base Daimyos

Army Markers $1.50 each (name your color)
. 1 Round Base Army Marker and 1 Round Base Experience Marker
. 1 Hexagon Base Army Marker and 1 Hexagon Base Experience Marker
. 1 Square Base Army Marker and 1 Square Base Experience Marker

(name your color)
. 9 Samurai Bowmen $.75 each
. 9 Ashigaru Gunners $.75 each
. 9 Samurai Swordsmen $.75 each
. 36 Ashigaru Spearmen $.50 each

10 Castles – 1.00 each 3 Sold
5 Fortification Bases – 1.50 each
30 Red Plastic Koku Chips – .50 each
26 Samurai Ronin – 1.00 each 20 sold
1 1-Diamond Sword – sold
1 2-Diamond Sword – sold
1 3-Diamond Sword – sold
1 4-Diamond Sword – sold
1 5-Diamond Sword – sold
4 Foam Sword Stands – 1.00 each 1 sold
1 Black Ninja – 2.50 SOLD OUT
10 Battle Markers $.50 each (2 sold)
6 12-Sided Dice – .75 each SOLD OUT
72 Province Cards – three province sold (Chikugo, Buzen and Kazusa.) but have 4 clear cards. Cards are $.25 each.

email me first to see if I have what you need:
Shipping is $2.95 (Parcel Post and Tracking Number included) in the U.S. not including Alaska or Hawaii. But cards and small paper/cardboard objects may be mailed cheaper.
Keep in mind that if you decide to go for bigger pieces such as the game board or trays then
the package gets bigger which would mean a little more on shipping. I do discount the more you order.

Paypal or Money Order only (unless otherwise specified). Ships from Houston, TX. I can send you an electronic pic to
show you the pieces before you buy.

Here is some pics of me and some friends in a Shogun gameplay!

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  1. 31st January 2011 | Brian Stamile says: Reply
    Thanks so much for the Battle Marker! I just got it today, it was just as you described and in perfect condition. Now my Shogun game is complete. Thanks again for shipping it so quickly.
  2. 5th March 2011 | Tina says: Reply
    Thanks for the ninja.It was just as expected and described. We looked everywhere for this to complete our game..If you are wondering if this site is legit it is!!Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks again!!!
  3. 11th March 2011 | Nick says: Reply
    Everything looked great, Carlos! For anyone who is interested in dealing with Carlos, do not worry. He is nice, informative, reliable, and keeps you in the loop with everything that is going on. And the pieces are all in tip-top shape! Shogun rules!
  4. 30th March 2011 | John says: Reply
    I purchased four purple spearmen and the Kazusa and Buzen cards and they arrived in great shape. I was very satisfied with your communication and courtesy. My Shogun game is now complete. Thank you, Mr. Medrano.
  5. 20th February 2012 | Matt says: Reply
    Everything came in great condition. At first, I was a little hesitant to purchase items from a seller I did not know. However, Carlos provided everything I needed and then some. He shipped my order promptly in exceptional packaging. I recommend this honest businessman wholeheartedly. Thanks again for the pieces Carlos!
  6. 20th August 2012 | Nate says: Reply
    I'm the reason Diamond Sword 1,2,3,5 are sold. Carlos was a pleasure to deal with and the swords arrived in excellent condition and in a timely fashion. If you are hesitant about trusting this page, know that Carlos operates with the utmost level of courtesy and professionalism, and can be trusted 100% to meet your spare Samurai Swords (Shogun,Ikusa) parts needs.
  7. 1st October 2012 | Shawn says: Reply
    Ordered stuff in Canada and arrived in good order, Very prompt service !!
  8. 5th July 2014 | Mitchell says: Reply
    Question: are you still running these sales? Just bought a game on eBay. From the looks of it the only thing im worried about is the koku chips and flag stickers. This item may or may not come with all those pices. I may need to order a few. If your still active in running these sales please let me know
    • 5th July 2014 | admin says: Reply
      I have plenty of koku chips but flag stickers (non used) are going to be hard to come by. You may have to make those yourself. Send me an email and we can discuss about the koku if interested,

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